3 Days In And I Haven’t Gone Crazy

I have had a lot of people ask me about my experiment. I go on to explain my “no meat month” and that I am avoiding all animal products in general. They look at me, give this horrified face…

Yeah, this face. If you ask me about it on Facebook or Twitter, admit it, you know you are making the same face as you type. LOL!

…and say, “Good luck with that.” Then they opt to quickly change the topic because they don’t know what to say to a non-meat, non-egg, non-cheese eater. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ummm, yeah. I am not crazy. I haven’t been “on something”, so you can count out drugs. I am pretty sure it’s not illegal either. I am just not eating any meat or animal products for one month people. I get it, I do… I would have been the same way in all fairness. All those people talking about Paleo and Atkins. I was probably making the same face. After trying it for the past 3 days I have to admit it is not as weird as I thought it would be.

As I mentioned in my earlier post there was the struggle with Fro-Yo (frozen yogurt, for those who don’t get the lingo) and if I should go and have just some or skip it all together. Well, I skipped it. I swear I am being completely honest. You can even ask Mr. G. He was my temptor and was a good one for a while, but my commitment to you all and my self won that battle. But, not before finding a non-animal product snack to replace it with. I actually did pretty well. We grabbed Chipotle (I did the sofrita burrito, minus cheese and sour cream), a movie, and had some much needed adult time. I feel like for the first time I was able to see what it would be like to eat out and not eat meat or animal products. A little more challenging than I thought, I will admit that, but definitely not impossible. I found a few things that I could eat out and not worry about it interfering with my experiment. I had veggie chow mein for dinner too. All completely within the realm of exception for my experiment and I never looked back.

In the minimal time I have been eating this way I have found a few things out for myself that I thought would be helpful to share, just in case one day you have the inclination to test it out yourself.

1) Tofu is remarkably good! You can cook it to your desired tenderness, but quite frankly mushy is a no go… however, if it’s got the proper seasonings just go with it. Totally worth your while.

2) Everything that I have been eating (non-meat and non-animal product) makes you fuller for longer. I was shocked that after a smaller meal, I am still satisfied. I don’t go hunting for more food or snacks. I am very satisfied. But, I guess it doesn’t stop with that either. It makes you feel good as a whole. You don’t feel as sluggish or grumpy. You are far more positive and happy. I am enjoying the side effects of my no meat or animal products.

3) Cheese is awesome, but I don’t really miss it. I love cheese, I eat it on salads, in sandwiches, with Mexican food, etc. But, in the few days that I have been without it, I have found that the foods I eat have plenty of flavor without it. It’s a “rebirth” of sorts, without cheese. Hahahahaha!

4) There is so much more to cooking than just the larger ingredients. In my whole life, I have never really experimented with oils, vinegar, or spices, but I will be the first to say that they are awesome! You can find a whole new world of flavors in these things. They bring out flavors of your meal too.

5) TMI WARNING (if you are faint of heart, then go ahead and skip this one): Eating fruits and veggies make you ridiculously “regular”. No need for Activia or laxatives, you have plenty of fiber and nutrition raging through your bowels that everything works a little too well on its own. Gas is at an all time high. Bowel movements are now more than just the once every other day event. Your bathroom reading is no longer needed because all functions well in order and you don’t need time to getting things… ummmm… warmed up and moving.

I swear, we are not going nuts yet. That, I am sure, can always change though.

I realize that it is still very new to me and Mr. G, but so far we are not going nuts. I hate to air out the man, but Mr. G already gave into meat. He even did dairy too! I told him, he can have one cheat day since I am giving myself one day “off” for when I am participating in my cooking club. So… that was his day… then the next day he had more chicken. But, I am going to try and get him back on the no meat road for the remainder of the month.

I am looking forward to giving more fun details about our experiment/adventure into the unknown. I hope you all have a lovely day and a great week ahead of you. How are resolutions and goals going for you? Any new developments? Talk to me, I am listening. Until I blog again… Cheers! (We all know wine isn’t a meat or animal product, right!?!?!?)

I need that size wine glass.


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