Round Table + Jack Black + Phone = You & Me

May God bless my husband. After 8 years together he still remembers the little things and makes them special. That has to be the most romantic thing about this man. He can make me feel special just by remembering our little anniversaries. Most people have the first kiss or first time they had sex, well we don’t remember those dates. But, he does remember the first day we met.

This was at our first official DATE about a month later.

This man and I share a number of intimate moments…we can sit and watch football together. We can fart and go to the bathroom with the door open. We can even be present for each others most sensitive physical exams: “ok, you can cough now” (him) and “I think you’re about 1 centimeters dilated” (me, although that would be interesting to find a man ever dilated any centimeters). But our most “intimate” moment would have had to been the day we met. And by “met” it really is the first day we knew that each other existed.

Every time this topic comes up he frantically tries to change the subject. For the longest time he was embarrassed of it. I thought it would always be a funny story to tell our kids. I guess you can say it all started 8 years ago. I was on my winter break from CSU Chico. During each break from school I was able to get my part-time job back at Round Table Pizza.

I loved this job. As ridicules as it sounds, I had a lot of good times there. It was never SUPER busy, but I guess that’s probably why that store closed down. Whoops! (Photo credit)

I didn’t do anything special there. I was just the girl taking the orders and making the pizzas. This particular day my car was in the shop since it had recently broke down, in the rain, at one of the busiest single lane intersections of Antioch. My boss had a few people call in and she knew I wasn’t going to be doing anything with my car in the shop so she took advantage of my situation and called me in. I took her up on since I was a “starving college student” and could use any money I could get my hands on

before I had to go back to school 2 days later. She sent a delivery driver to come get me and I was at work, the swing shift.

While I was working at Round Table, I can tell you that we got all sorts of calls. Some were “wrong numbers”, some were “no show” orders (orders for pick-up that by the end of the night the pizza was still sitting made in the warmer), and the most common were prank phone calls. Some of the staff would be so annoyed by these calls. I on the other hand would take them in stride and let the prank caller get it out of their system. This call was nothing like that. I actually thought someone was ordering food. I guess you can thank Ebaumsworld. This is the exact soundboard where he got all the clips from. I am sure you will have your own fun with it, but his were all from the “Drive Thru” section for the most part… I actually thought they were trying to order wings. I thought, “Damn, this guy must have ordered from here a ton because his voice sounds so familiar.” I guess that’s where I figured out Jack Black. Here’s how the conversation would have gone (I think, it’s been a long ass time):

A little Jack Black can go a long way. LOL! (Photo credit)

Me: Thank you for choosing Somersville Round Table. My name is Momma G, can in interest you in our (Insert special here)?

Him (Jack): No. Hey. How’s it going?

Me: Ok, well what can I get for you?

Him (Jack): Yeah hold on a second I’m lookin’ at the menu.

Me: Alright, just let me know when you are ready.

Him (Jack): Please don’t, don’t offer me anything I will tell you what I want.

Me: OK… [confused and awkward silence]

Him (Jack): You know how you’ve got the 6 piece nuggets?

Me: Yeah, the 6 piece wings?

Him (Jack): Just, uhhh, can you gimme just 4 nuggets.

Me: Ummm we don’t really do that here sir…

Him (Jack): Shut up and listen to my order. Take the 6 nuggets and throw 2 of them away. I just want a 4 nugget thing. I am trying to watch my calorie intake.

Me: Ummm Sir… (At this point I realize that it’s a prank and I am laughing. He cuts me off.)

Him (Jack): Put 2 of them up your ass and give me 4 chicken Mcnuggets.

Me: But… (Still laughing and he cuts me off again.)

Him (Jack): Can I have a junior western bacon chee?

Me: Sir we don’t have… (he cuts me off again.)

Him (Jack): A JUNIOR western bacon chee! And I am gonna go with a, a Fillet au fish sandwhich. Now if you could take a coca-cola and just go half coca-cola and half diet coke. Also, a small seasoned curlys. Alright, cherries jubile and that’s it. How much is that sir?

Me: [A midst all my laughter and giggles.] Uhhh… sir… [CLICK, they hang up for the first time.] HAHAHAHAHA!

I realized about half way through the call that it’s a prank and I can’t contain myself because of the genius. But, it gets even funnier because one of the drivers walks in and sees me on the phone smiling and giggling and I have to explain the whole thing to him. Let just say it was the funniest freaking thing ever.

I guess the story that Mr. G sticks to this very day is that him, his brother, and cousins did this periodically and he just happened to be home for this round of calls. So I can thank his brother and cousins for our unorthodox meeting. After the initial call, they called back a few times. In the final call, I got to talk to Mr. G and we exchanged phone numbers and the rest is history. 8 years from today… If it wasn’t for Jack Black, him being home, me being at work, going to school two days later, etc. we wouldn’t have the beautiful life we have today. Cheers to God and the beautiful opportunity he offered us through a prank phone call.

How did you and your spouse meet? Any fun dating stories? Feel free to share. Those are some of the most fun stories to hear. Love it!


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