Shit Is NOT Easy

As I discussed in my last post there is like no where for vegans to eat an actual meal out at a restaurant. I realize there isn’t a huge vegan population, but common man. So me and my best friend go out to my most vegan friendly find and guess what… they still had meat in some of their “vegan” or what I thought was vegan dishes! I can’t catch a freakin’ break here. This shit is way harder than I thought it would be. Someone told me that I live in the best place to be vegan, which is so incredibly true, but it makes me sad in the same breath. I am pretty sure there are vegans all over the United States, and for Northern California to be a “vegan mecca” is kinda pathetic in my opinion.

OMG! Did anyone know there was a Vegan Con?!?! That is SO cool and weird at the same time, but I guess with the limited number of options they kind of need a support group. LOL! (Photo credit)

Ok, so this post isn’t really about that though. This is about my night out and the fact that again… I effed up! I know, it’s bound to happen, but I didn’t do it on purpose if that is any consolation. Ordered spring rolls. SPRING ROLLS! That should be like a veg smorgasbord in a wrap. Lets just say the cook didn’t get the memo and put shrimp and beef in it. I must have had one glorious bite of it and then realized that was what happened and had to pick out the rest of it for all the spring rolls. It was like common man. Way to be a buzz kill. I was all ready to eat my no meat, no animal feast… and you throw me a curve ball. The rest of dinner was pretty bad ass. I had a curry and tofu soup like thing over rice. YUM! I love curry and I love tofu. I guess the only thing I would suggest to make it a little better would have been asking them to cook the tofu a liittle longer and to put more tofu in it. There were like 4 to 6 pieces of tofu and after that I was like… what?!?!? That’s all you got? HAHAHAHA! Well, either way it was good.

The better part of dinner was chatting it up with the bestie. I haven’t had time with her just one-on-one in a long time. We got to catch up a lot. We also got to work on our friendship. You know, everyone out there is like, “the only relationship worth working on is the one with you and your significant other.” I respectfully disagree. I think any relationship you have whether it be with a friend, lover, God, etc. is always worth working on. Every relationship takes work, some time (not a lot of time, but some time) and a lot of patience. But, really a friendship like ours is worth every minute and I am glad we took the time to spend some time together.

After all the dinner fun was had and we caught up with each other it was time for a drink. We found this absolutely amazing bar down the street. It’s called Cap’s. I have to say if you are ever in the Brentwood, CA area that you check this place out.

Cap’s in downtown Brentwood. YUMMY!

It is a nice (i.e. too fancy for cut-off’s, but you can pass in a nice shirt and jeans) restaurant with a really good bar. If you check this place out ask for Rick (the bar tender) he makes drinks worth the money. After the first sip I was feeling it and that was after a full meal. Since he freakin’ rocked our socks off with the smokin’ hot drinks we had to order some appetizers. I picked the most vegan thing we could get away with: sauteed mushrooms and bruschetta. Everything was awesome, but the bruschetta had a little cheese sprinkled on top of it. I decided to take the hit for the cheese and go for it… I had to drive home people! I needed something to keep me straight. Common now, this shit is not easy! I would have scraped it off, but to hell with it, down the hatch! Reason number two why we will be coming back another day. It was so good I could have had a whole other meal there just because it tasted so good!

After getting our drink and grub on for the second time, we sat and talked some more. I swear as women, we can talk forever. Like literally hours upon hours and feel like time just flew by. It was like before we knew it, it was 9:30p and I was freezing and needed to head home. I had an hour and a half drive to get home. We said our good-byes and made a promise to do it again (which I am totally ready to do, call me to schedule a date girl). Then my drive home.

That was a great night. I felt like I wasn’t so “old” HAHAHAHA! Ok, so I know I am 27. But, being a mom 24/7 makes you a little nuts and makes you feel older than you really are. Then the next day I woke up to the Toddler singing Snow White’s “Hi-Ho” song, which is far more cute than it is annoying.

He does that and he dances to Gangnam Style. The Gangnam Style song he discovered when Mr. G let him watch “The Nut Job”. This movie is cute in a, “I want to kill myself” kinda way. It has Katherine Heigl in it, which quite frankly makes me not want to watch it in the first place. Liam Neeson is in it, which is kinda cool. He just is the voice of the bad guy and makes you hate him just a little bit. Anyways, out of the whole movie I like the dog the best. Go figure. The character that is easily replaceable and in it for a whopping like 2 minutes. Well, in the case all of you want your child to dance and sing to the Gangnam Style song, here’s a little taste for you.

The Nut Job… if you want to go crazy in your own home. LOL! (Photo credit)

Anyways, my life as a vegan is hopefully coming to a close soon. I am getting kinda antsy about it if you can tell. But, just another 12 days and then…

I am free! And yes, I will be running around screaming this when the 1st of February hits. (Photo credit)

How was your weekend? Did you watch yourself some crazy football? Superbowl is around the corner! YAY! Something I can celebrate on my first day of freedom. HAHAHA!


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