5 Things

ONE. Today is 10 days left in the month. After my eat everything rampage yesterday I am still going to get through the rest of the month with as much dignity as I can muster and just do it. I make mistakes… I am going to just suck it up and deal from here on out.

And yes, I may be medicating myself with some wine on occasion. No meat or animal products in that, thank goodness!

TWO. The Toddler attended his first friend’s birthday party this last weekend. I completely forgot to even mention it. This is a huge first for me. I feel like he will have tons of these to go to, but his first is priceless. I was in total mommy mode and almost cried when we were singing happy birthday. It wasn’t because of his friend or anything, but because I was watching my son grow up before my eyes. He is getting so big so fast. I can’t believe it. Seeing him sit and eat his pizza (with dip-dip, of course) and watching him interact with his little friends. It’s just so sweet. Even watching him play the arcade games. I feel like there will come a time when he won’t want me around to help him and my heart just wanted to enjoy every chance I could get with him that day. Then when the mouse/rat (the party was at Chuck E. Cheese) came out he was my little boy again. He didn’t want to be around the guy in the suit, he didn’t want me to put him down. But, after he ate his whole piece of cake he was my baby for the rest of the afternoon (and in serious need of a nap). For the hour or so we were at this party, he was my big boy. It just made me see how crazy time flies.

THREE. I am practicing Cards Against Humanity for my next cooking club me up. Swear these girls are gonna beat me, but if I pull the “road head”, “dick fingers”, or “anal probing” cards I am sure to have a one up. Hahahahaha! I got to practice with family and you never realize how much your family are either prudes or racy fiends. You quickly discover the undercover dirty mind or the obnoxious prude and you get to exploit them in this game. HAHAHA!

FOUR. If anyone knows me I am a huge reality tv person. I am not talking just regular reality tv. I like the trashy love crap. Guess what’s on the menu… The Bachelor and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. The Bachelor is quite frankly hilarious.

These women are crazy. So far the one(s) I dislike the most are Jillian and Ashley S. For some reason they both think their shit doesn’t stink and feel its a good idea to act freakin’ crazy. Ashley S. just looks like she is in another world. It is kinda funny to watch her though on the group dates. The last one, when she didn’t get the group date rose, she made the funniest face! It was priceless. Jillian just looks like the female version on Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroids and apparently she lets her “whoo-ha” get more tv time than her face. It’s pretty gross.

Then Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is laughable. These poor therapists think they can help these so-called “celebrities”. These people are really washed up crazies who need the money and tv air time. These are enough to keep me entertained for hours! HAHAHAHA!

FIVE. Party planning for the Munchkin’s birthday is officially under way. I am really excited for it because this will be the first time that the Munchkin will have something exclusively for him. He has had to deal with hand-me-down’s and shares everything with the Toddler, but this time it’s all for him. He will be celebrated. He will be oogled. He will have the time of his life playing and seeing his cousins. The other thing I am excited about it that I will be able to visit with family I haven’t seen in a long time.


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