Take An Effin’ Minute To Reflect

Life goes so flippin’ fast some times. With the craziness of the boys and hubby and all the fun little things life throws your way sometimes you really have to stop and think about it all. What really did happen last year? What it happening right now? What are we looking forward to for our future? This is normally something that people talk about on New Years, but lets just say I am going against the grain and doing it now. Here’s what I have for you…

One year ago from today (in no particular order):

a) We were living at my in-laws home. We had two bedrooms and no privacy. As much as I am so grateful for our time there and the fact that we had a warm, dry, safe place to be… it was crowded and there was rarely time for our family to just be without having to feel like we were running into someone or something that didn’t belong to us.

b) I was expecting our Munchkin’s arrival. He was just a few weeks away from meeting us and I felt like a house.

c) The Toddler just turned 1 and was walking everywhere. He didn’t have much down in the way of vocabulary, but he was doing great.

This was days after his first birthday. I love his sweet face.

d) My grandpa was still alive and recovering from another infection. He was doing his best to be around and present. He still had his personality and would have his spit fire comments every now and then.

Here he is with my Grandma at their vow renewal ceremony. I love his smile.

e) Denver was on a roll. They were headed to the Super Bowl with Seattle. It was an epic game to remember.

f) For the first time my brother brought his significant other to our annual “family reunion”. It was nice to see another female there since normally it’s just my mom and me surrounded by penises and testosterone. It was also my cousin’s last trip with us before he enrolled in the Army.

In the past year (in no particular order):

1) We lived in a really nice apartment, super close to Mr. G’s job. It was literally like a 7 minute commute for him. It was a very spacious apartment, upstairs, with laundry inside, in a decent part of town. It was a really nice apartment for the 6 months we lived there and I would live there again if we ever wanted to live in an apartment.

2) Mr. Munchkin arrived one week and one day late. It started off as an induction and ended in a cesarean. He weighed 9lbs 13oz, 21in long, 15.25in head circumference. He got here at 7:11pm on a Thursday evening. It was surreal to say the least, but the meds were good so all was right in the world. He got here safely and his squishy little face has been the source of much joy over the past 10 months.

The Munchkin was a beautiful addition to our family.

3) Toddler celebrated his 2nd birthday Toy Story style. We enjoyed a nacho bar and lots of family. He enjoyed the presents and the large quantity of cake.

4) My grandpa went to heaven. He is up there drinking his beer, charring his steak, and reading his books over looking the ocean in his Mexican straw hat. Miss you grandpa.

5)Denver got massacred in the Super Bowl by Seattle. Let’s just say it was embarrassing, disgusting, and not in the least bit expected. Really the numbers speak for themselves.

So sad… so very, very sad…

6) Brother broke up with girlfriend and other brother got a girlfriend. I guess they like to trade off… kinda?!?! But, they are both successful and happy. Youngest bro got amazing grades in school. Middle bro is still rockin’ it at work and made a trip to the East Coast to meet the new girlfriend’s family.

7) Cousin is in the Army and at boot camp as we speak. Kid is hopefully doing amazing. Miss his face.

8) We purchased our first home. A sweet little 4 bedroom, two bath with a great backyard and side yard/dog run. It is in a growing little town in the Central Valley. We are just a few houses away from a local park and it’s awesome.

Things to hope for in the next year (in no particular order):

– Paying off some debts (the car, some credit cards, etc.). We are going to get ourselves so ready for some future love on our forever home. Plus, I want to know we are debt free. It will be so nice to know that in the back of my mind that everything is ours… we OWN it. HAHAHAHA!

— Maybe a new car? After we pay off the corolla we are in desperate need of a family car for my growing boys. It would also be really nice to be able to take the stroller to the grocery store or for and adult to accompany the kids in the back seat if someone is misbehaving. It’s really hard to give the evil “don’t you dare” eye from the rear view mirror.

What a beauty?!?! I would love a van like this. Used with low miles preferred, but the time will come after we pay off our current car. (Photo credit)

— Some work on the house. I think we are going to do some painting, maybe some windows. We will see what happens first. If not big things, then definitely little things like replacing toilets and light switch covers.

—- Adding to our family? I would definitely like to be prego by this time next year. As much as people are probably looking at this statement wide-eyed and with their jaw dropped, really it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Plus, we want the kiddos to be close in age so we don’t have to start all over in five years. It just makes sense to have them close and deal with the sleepless nights now, then start all over again later.

I don’t know when it will happen, but hopefully in the next year we will be looking forward to another addition to the family. (Photo credit)

—– Celebrate a big first birthday for the Munchkin. I want the Munchkin to have something for himself. He has had “hand-me-downs” and used Toddler toys (that the Toddler still takes away from him) he deserves to have us celebrate and spoil just him. He didn’t get his own baby shower, so he is going to have one bad ass birthday!

—— Welcome Mr. G to his thirties the right way. This man has been terrified of his thirties ever since I’ve known him (back when he just turned 21, and we celebrated by having his first trip to Disneyland). He is going to rock his thirties just like he did his twenties.

Yep, it’s almost that time Mr. G. I know you can handle it like a pro though.


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