I have less that one week of no meat/no animal products. This past week has proven to be more difficult than I thought. Not just in the way of food of course. I have spent the better part of this month craving everything I can’t have and not really enjoying what I can. I suppose the mind works in despicable ways sometimes. Really I have been enjoying a lot of the foods I have eaten over the past few weeks. There has been a good portion of variety, with some of the favorites sprinkled in there a little more often. It has been an interesting experience, but I will give you a final run down of everything soon enough.

Tissues everywhere at our house.

This week, what made it difficult (in addition to my food cravings) has simply been… the kids are sick. The faucet of snot has been on since about Monday. Occasionally that “faucet” will drip as opposed to full on run, but it is still there. The even better part (and I say that with sarcasm), is that the little sicko’s got me sick too. The constant wiping of noses and full mouth sneeze clean ups have taken it’s toll on me. I will admit it could be far worse, so I am counting my blessings. I can focus. My nose has been hit, but not to the point of killer sinus pressure (YET, please pray that it doesn’t get to that point). I am pretty well able to function. And I have not once thought that this cold will “kill me” just yet. Even the boys have been good. Yes, they are a tad more irritable, which makes them more difficult to work with… but over all, they have been troopers.

I am not so much worried about myself of course. I can handle this. What I worry for more is the Munchkin. Toddler has had a cold before and he will be good. Munchkin on the other hand,,, this has been his first cold (I knew it was bound to happen some day) since he’s been born and he seems to have been hit the hardest. It may also be that he has his two front teeth coming in too. I dunno, I am not a doctor. He is just a big ball of mucous right now and I feel terrible. He wants to be held NON-STOP, so cooking or laundry or anything house related quite literally goes on the back burner. Still, I suppose it could be must worse.

I am going to just count my blessings and look forward to when we all will be over this cold. That and I will be counting down the last days until I am able to eat meat again. WOOHOO! 6 more days!!! How has your week been? Do you know what February 1st is? If you know, what are you doing that day? Any big plans?


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