Truth -VS- Lies

The truth surrounds us on a daily basis. The sky being blue, the grass being green, if you boil an egg it hardens, if you melt ice it liquefies. Well, all these fun little truths there are a whole bunch of man-made (or should I say man-inspired) lies. Today, you get to see some truths and lies.

[There are 31 days in the month of January.]

This one is pretty easy. I mean look at a calendar if you have any questions. Most phones have a calendar that you can peruse if you are really second guessing yourself.

[My name is Stephanie.]

If you know me, you know that this is true. My Mom and Dad did have a minor lapse in judgement right before I was born and thought they were going to name me Monica, but thanks to Stefanie Powers and her role on Hart to Hart, Monica was no more and Stephanie quickly hit the birth certificate.

Thank you Stefanie Powers, thank you! (Photo Credit)

[I am lactose intolerant.]

We should feel very bad for anyone who is lactose intolerant. No cheese, creams, dairy of any kinds… this would be miserable and would create a world of havoc for me because if I am “lactose intolerant” then my addiction to cheese would make me a masochist. I have a friend who would have ranch dressing with me at lunch and then by the end of our meal she would be racing to the bathroom. Lets just hope that is never me… if it was giving up animal products would have been far less challenging.

[I love the smell of a library.]

I will tell you right now that the smell of a library… the dusty books… the smell of old bindings… the heavy perfume of the library assistants…definitely not for me. I was reading to the Toddler the other night and I could smell is book. It smelled like a library. I was disgusted.

This is me with the book at the library. GAG! (Photo Credit)

I have since then stashed the book… but yuck! I think the reason why people who work at a library wear so much perfume/cologne is so they don’t start to smell like to books. HAHAHAHAHA! Mr. G complains of smelling like cardboard boxes after he comes home from work (which is bogus, because he smells amazing without cologne). I can only imagine smelling like dusty old books.

[I haven’t eaten meat in the last 2 days.]

Whoops, so the cat is out of the bag. My month of January only had 25 days in it. Sorry, to disappoint, but I am really… not sorry. Between the cravings and waiting on pay day all we had was meat in the house. That and spinach. So, I went with it. HAHAHA! Ok… so that’s not the complete truth. I had Chipotle on Monday (because they had this promotion for sofritas) and I had cheese and sour cream that day… then Tuesday we were out of stuff in the house and I resorted to chicken and pasta with avocado pesto sauce and that had Parmesan cheese in it. My month is over… my “challenge” or “experiment” is done. I am at peace with what I have finished/accomplished. Time for next month.

[I ran a mile under 7 minutes.]

Picture this… sweat… thighs burning… heat… dust in the air… and me. I was a junior in high school. I was at our regional track meet. I was so determined and ready. I wanted to… no, I needed to break my 7 minute mile PPR. My lungs felt like they were on fire and my legs felt like they were going to collapse the second I stopped moving them, but I did it. My best ever mile was ran in 6 minutes, 57 seconds. I am proud of that. I wish I could get back to it.

[I hate needles.]

This is exactly how I feel when I see needles coming in my direction. First instinct is to run. Then I realize that I am an adult and have to suck it up, lest I be humiliated in front of other adults. There is no winning.

Who loves needles? I mean really? If anyone says they do… I call bullsh*t! Really… Really?!?!? When I was a kid, my dad had to hold me down to get a flu shot. My grandma would give us flu shots on occasion and I swear to God, it felt like she enjoyed watching people squirm and causing people pain (NO LIE… this woman was a hard nosed Irish Catholic… she had plenty of pent up stress I am sure of it, but really she was my Grandma and I love her even though she tortured me with an annual flu shot). When I was pregnant with my boys, I would have to get my blood drawn and to this day I can’t watch. I have to physically turn my head away and remind myself to breathe because I hate needles. HATE THEM!

[I am still friends with all of my college roommates.]

I wish I could say that this is the truth. It actually saddens me that this is not so much the case. My first college roommate is an extremely talented graphic designer. Her work is flawless and quite frankly unmatched. My other college roommates are lost in the wind. I know they are married from their photos on Facebook (they occasionally pop up as those “people you may know” because we have some similar friends), but that’s about all I know. I hope they are happy. I hope that they are doing what they love. I send nothing, but well wishes and happy thoughts their way.

[I am going to continue.]

Nope… I am done for now. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. I am headed to bed with my sick kiddos. I am hoping I can sleep some before they wake in the middle of the night. I could really use some sleep.


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