Toddler & Munchkin: The Human Tornadoes

My Mom is a huge advocate for “do the work now so you can have fun later”. In a lot of aspects, her theory is right on the money. Really it should be a big winner for most every situation except for cleaning with children. I have found that no matter how well I clean in advanced it never lasts long enough to get to the event date and time actually clean. Between my own spills (Mr. G can attest to my utter clumsiness), and Mr. G’s tendency to leave everything where he used it (I am talking shoes, socks, dishes, appliances, etc.) we have a difficult time. When you add the Toddler and Munchkin or as I would like to call them… The Human Tornadoes… we have absolutely no chance.

Yeah… that’s pretty much the key to a clean house.

Yesterday I cleaned. When I say cleaned, I mean CLEANED. I am talking bathrooms, bedrooms, oodles and oodles of laundry, dishes, kitchen, living room, the whole nine! It lasted until about 5:30p yesterday and all hell broke loose. The Tornadoes hit HARD. Luckily I was able to get one (the Toddler) to help me clean up before bed. But, now it is the next morning. The living room has stuffed animals everywhere. The play room is no longer tidy (but it is the play room, so I give that one a pass). The kitchen which was once pristine now is littered with Fruit Loops and the kitchen floor is finger painted with blueberry yogurt.

I would be upset… I really would… but I guess what I have come to the realization that for the next 6 years (or more probably) our house won’t ever really be clean. I talked to Mr. G last night and he was saying how nice it is to have a clean house and how we should do this once a week. I looked at him like one of those anger management tools… those dolls you squeeze and their eyes pop out. You must know the kind. That was me. I was gawking at him like, “WHAT?!?!? Once a week?!?!?” I told him like once every two week is reasonable. But, I notice that every time I clean it is almost harder on the kids than it is on me, They are upset from be not being there to play with them. Plus, they seem more exhausted than me because of the crying and the fussing from me having them stuck in one part of the house while I mop.

Then the other huge factor for me… it’s harder to keep a house clean with your kids in it, than to just clean it initially. Between the Toddler’s sprinkling of the “blocks that can kill” (most people know them as Legos, but Mr. G and I know better) and the Munchkin’s trail of drool or food spatter we can never keep it clean. The clean house is short lived and very fleeting.

Yeah, this should go without saying.

Today I will spend the better part of it cleaning up after my boys. Today I cringe at the thought of lunch time. Today I fear the inevitable blow out. Today I dread playtime and the mountain of toys I will find in the living room. Today I hope to have a clean house suitable for adults.

Tomorrow, things can go back to normal and they won’t be scolded for dropping apple sauce on the floor or for wiping their drool on the couch. Tomorrow it will be ok to live in the land of Legos and army men. Tomorrow we will smile when they take the bed sheets off to play ghost. Tomorrow I will be happy to have a kid house filled with messes, laughter, toys, experimenting, etc. Tomorrow I will welcome it all and relish in the joys of my Human Tornadoes…


The Struggle Is Real

I was going to write this whole post about my January month in review. How the no meat and no animal products venture went. I got about 300 words in and realized that it hasn’t been all that interesting. I think that the challenge itself was more interesting (describing it was way more fun than actually doing it). I have been trying to figure out what I am going to challenge myself to do next and let me tell you… the struggle is real. I want to challenge myself to something that is hard and out of the norm so I know that it’s an accomplishment when I actually get to do it. I think at some point I am going to do a money saving challenge, but that will probably come after the Munchkin’s birthday.

I have however deliberated doing a weight loss challenge. I have quickly nixed the idea simply because I am not really interested in starving myself. I am however interested in the health benefits of losing weight. This brings me to where the “light-bulb” went on… I am going to do a physical challenge. This paired with some of the things I learned in my month away from meat and animal products will hopefully get me going. I want to refocus my energy on, “get[ting] physical, physical”.

I am not a huge fan of Olivia Newton-John (except for her role in Grease, the greatest movie EVER), but this song popped into my head when I was thinking about my challenge. I really want to get physical. I am going to be realistic because those ripped abs and perky buns will probably not be in my near future, but I am definitely going to make the effort to get physical. What is me currently is those heavy guys having a hard time doing anything and I am pretty sure I am going to fall flat on my ass like the guy in the music video does. HAHAHAHA!

I am getting a little side tracked… sorry. What my plan is will be to complete the Insanity program. Insanity is one of the Beach Body backed programs that is preformed by fitness director Shaun T. This like “infomercial” is a lot more informative than I am:

I am sure you are thinking… YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND! My Mom has already tried to mentally prepare me for not making it the full 60 days. I am still going to try my damnedest to do it. There will be one brief hiccup that I will pre-plan for. This will be towards the end of the 60 days. The hiccup actually being Munchkin’s birthday. The “hiccup” isn’t the actual birthday or the party, but we will be traveling for it. We are going to do it big for our boy… I am talking about “whipping out the big guns”. We are going to Disneyland and celebrating with all of my So. Cal family. I am super excited to say the least. We will only be there for like 5 days, but this will cut into the program, so the plan will be to walk/jog while we are down there and I will set step goals for the days (because I have my handy-dandy Fitbit).

Either way, trip or no trip… I am going to be doing a 60 day challenge. I will be doing the Insanity program and I will be monitoring my successes and failures here. My challenge will begin on February 9th. This means that of course I am going to have 8/9 weeks of crazy and I should be finishing up about April 11th. This is the actual calendar:

I am pretty sure I am going to feel like I will want to die the first two weeks. I will desperately need some support.

The thing that is great about making this plan is that Mr. G desperately wants to participate in it. He has done the Insanity program before and really enjoys it, so I will lean on him for additional support and he will hold me to the program too. It will be interesting to say the very least. I am looking forward to it though. It will be hard and a definite challenge, but I am positive it will be worth it to get things going.

The other part of the struggle… what are we doing to make it totally worth our while. I am going to make a point of it to do some serious time working with my Fitbit. I will be tracking food. Fitbit offers something VERY similar to Weight Watchers with the food tracking, but it only monitors calories. I know counting calories sounds SO fun right? That really isn’t the point of it all. It is more the point of keeping track of what I am eating. If I am too lazy to track it, I shouldn’t be putting it in my mouth.

So that will be my next challenge for February, March, and part of April. If you have Insanity or have done the program, tell me your thoughts… tips… what you would do or not do? And for those just doing their own work out I have a few questions for you. When is your favorite time of the day to do your work out? If you have kids, how are you able to work out with the kids? Fill me in people!