A Little Love

For the longest time I despised cooking. I thought that it was too much work. I hated putting together a shopping list. I felt like everything I would have put together could have been so much more worth while if it was quick, easy, and out of a box. Little did I know that the world of cooking has in a really weird sense… saved me.

In my case I get to do it once a month (for each club). I am so thankful to my husband who is able to tolerate my activities and wrestle the boys into submission while I am out. 

If you have been reading along (thank you so much by the way, I love it when I have long time readers) you will know that my original curiosity for cooking started from watching a movie. Of all things, a movie! Not a recipe, not a friend, not an article, but a movie. Julie & Julia… that move won my heart the first time I saw it.

It wasn’t until oh the 30th or 40th time I saw it that I thought to myself that I could actually do this. Me, the woman whose idea of cooking required her to have access to a barbecue or a rice-a-roni box. After a little practice I had improved my cooking skills enough to try out recipes that were not exactly in my normal realm. I did pot roast, chicken potpie, meatballs, etc. These are simple recipes to those who know how to cook, but to me they were milestones. They were little steps closer to more advanced recipes.

After dabbling a while in my own cooking I thought, what the hell lets see what other people have going on in their kitchen. This gave way to the idea behind my cooking club. Women of all kinds cook, some like me started with things out of a box. But quite frankly, we are not ready for a cooking class nor do we want the cold eyes of a chef professor sneering at our yummy albeit poorly presented final product. We are looking for support, constructive criticism, ideas, and human interaction. Cooking can be so much fun, but really it can be rather lonely. All it is, is you, your ingredients, and your tools. When you make cooking a social interaction not only does it welcome other perspectives and a little dimension to your cooking, but it allows for social interaction. That’s what I needed desperately.

I had a friend that I had talked about starting this club with for some time, but with her other responsibilities and me being a stay at home mom (SAHM) I had more time I could dedicate to the project. There began my baby. The Gab & Grub Cooking Club – Recipe Exchange. This group constructed by myself and some close friends quickly gained it’s members and began on our “cooking journey”. Now, we meet once a month to discuss the food we prepared for our meeting and life in general. We talk babies, work, family, husbands, life… we get to have a break from our regular routine and have the much needed “girl time” that every woman desperately needs, but we also get to talk cooking. Our significant others don’t understand our frustration over bread that won’t rise or a sauce that just doesn’t taste right. Our co-workers and friends could care less about what delicious dinner we have been preparing for the past two days. These women know the struggle and even though they may be in different stages of life than I am they bring their experience to the table, literally.

Since the start of the first cooking club I have had such a significant amount of interest in the club that I have opened two other “locations”. It’s really rather exciting. I am inviting more women to share in my love for cooking, and they are inviting me to share in theirs as well. As much as it is a task to juggle each club I love getting to know so many women and enjoying so many different dimensions of food. Mr. G is limited in his taste for food, so when I am with these ladies I get to enjoy a whole new world of food I can’t really explore with him or my kids. This club has become so much more than just food.

Now, after just a year or so of really cooking and enjoying it. I have been able to find things that I love, things I hate, and things that are just not worth the effort. But, my biggest success isn’t necessarily the food or the “creations”, but the club and the friends I have made through it all. I am so getting forward to meeting more women and creating amazing friendships through this club. Thank you all for making cooking even more fun that I thought it ever could be. I can’t wait for more food and fun at our next meet up.