On Our Way To Greatness

Over the past several weeks I have been researching what I would like to do to get the healthy and fit lifestyle that I have been wanting for as long as I can remember. The program that I settled on was the 21 Day Fix®.

21df_logo.jpgWhat I love about this program is that it makes what seems so ridiculously difficult (finding the right foods to eat in the right portions) far simpler than I had hoped AND it gets me on track with the body I want by using 30 minute work outs that I can do in the convenience of my own home. I know it may be hard to believe that something like that can exist, but I am telling you I have seen results. My husband’s co-worker was the first of many… he lost 100lbs using this program repeatedly (more than just one round of 21 days, I think he used the program for about a year). My best friend from high school lost approximately 10lbs and 7 inches from her waist. Then on top of that another woman in my MOMS Club, the person who got me the most interested in the program, has had her success with the program too! I just couldn’t sit by and watch everyone else have their success and not me. How could I miss out on this opportunity?

So I didn’t… this was in fact my Christmas gift from hubby. I am looking forward to it not only because the program is great, but I have an awesome coach too. I have been looking for additional support so I can maintain my focus and not feel so alone in my journey to health and fitness. So, I decided to create a club or Facebook group called “On Our Way To Greatness – Finding Motivation For Our Health & Fitness” or OOWTG as I like to reference it (I use this – #OOWTG – for our Twitter/Facebook followers out there).


This group is for individuals who want to strive for health and fitness in their lives. They may be doing a different program or “diet” or just something completely different than I am, but we are all working toward a healthier and more physically fit version of ourselves and need support along the way. We are looking for people to keep us accountable and motivate us so we can stay focused through our journey. Some of us need to lose weight, some need to get off medications or ward off health problems, but we all have a goal and determination. These people come from all over… I am talking California and beyond. If you are looking for the same kind of support and accountability then I would love to have you with me. Message me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or you can even comment here and I can get you details for our group. Registration for January 2016 is closing on December 29th @ 7pm. Don’t worry though, if you want to join but miss the deadline… we will be reopening registration for February 2016 on January 25th – 28th.

I am just so excited to get started. The past few days have been rough on me. I think the combination of being overwhelmed with the holiday, plus being at 9 weeks postpartum I have officially hit the hormone fluctuation. I know with the 21 Day Fix, me eating better and working out, plus my support/accountability group its only going to get better. I am looking forward to it all.


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