Just Warming Up

I have been going a straight 5 days doing my workouts and monitoring my eating. I have been enjoying little moments with my boys and big monster smiles with my baby girl. What I have learned so far is that I need this. It has been good to make 30 minutes for myself every morning so I can exercise. The liberating feeling I get from just that 30 minutes of being a damn mess is refreshing. I feel like I get to rip myself apart and rebuild little by little during every workout. These things just make me realize that I am just warming up.Good Mood

I have been utilizing the 21 day fix work outs. I also have been tracking my food with Weight Watchers. I have been inhaling water like it’s air. I have been using my Fitbit daily to monitor my sleep, steps, etc. I have been trying to keep up with my activity and it has been making me feel incredible. My energy level is up, my level of positivity is through the roof, I have been a teeny more patience with the kids, but I have noticed I am way more exhausted. At night I am done and I can feel my body and even more, my mind, completely pooped.

With that all being said, food tastes better, time with my kids seems sweeter, I have been trying to breathe deeper. Those pleasant little changes have made my days better. I can’t say I am a “changed” person, but I am enjoying the little changes I have noticed myself making though my days. I have been laughing and playing with my boys over silly things. I have been catching myself smiling and laughing over their little attitudes and conversations. They sure are that spark in my life.

This is all a step in the right direction. I know that I am going to keep working toward my ultimate goal of being healthier and happier for my self and my family, but I am enjoying my journey so far. On to more fun and successes. Keep in mind my first goal reward is a book. Now, I just have to earn it.


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