To Texas We Go

I have been gone for a long while. Between the sale of our house, a move to our apartment, and coordinating our relocation I have been a bit busy. I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it. You may be like, “Woah, backup here. You sold the house?” Yeah, let’s go back a bit.

We decided a while ago that we were going to need more space. It was better to focus on new better schools (the school ratings in our neighborhood were 1’s and 2’s), bigger space for the kids to grow, and a neighborhood we could feel a bit more comfortable in. We explored our options quickly. We knew that Mister’s company had some other opportunities where we could transfer to, but we wanted to make sure that we exhausted all options in CA before we uprooted our whole family. I checked real estate in the area surrounding Mister’s work. We couldn’t find any place that worked within budget and got everything that we wanted. We would either sacrifice space for a nicer neighborhood or we would sacrifice a nice neighborhood for more space. We didn’t want to sacrifice either. So we looked beyond CA.

At that point we did the legwork with Mister’s company to find out what we were looking at with a transfer. There were a  few different locations available and me being the “type a” nut that I am, I looked into city rating, schools, neighborhood breakdowns, cost of living,etc. We fell in love with the idea of Texas. So we found a position for the Mister to apply for (which was the equivalent of a promotion) and her put in for it. It was all on the up and up so we decided to sell the house… Get a jump start on the whole “process”. I am so glad we did cause it took us a good two months to finally get in contract and finalize paperwork. During that time we were also notified that Mister got the “go ahead” and we were as good as Texans.

Once the house sold we got rid of as much furniture as we could (we needed new stuff, all we have is hand me downs) and we readied ourselves to live in temporary housing. Then days after we closed on the house and moved into the apartment we packed up the kids and hopped on a plane (so much easier said than done… 3 kids, ages 3 and under traveling is extremely challenging) to have our first trip to Texas. We were out there to explore the area for two glorious weeks. The lack of sleep from all of us having to use one hotel room for naps and sleeping (and Peanut’s nightly feelings) didn’t kill the dream one bit. We were there and we loved every minute of it. The greenery, the trees, the people, the neighborhoods, the schools (even elementary schools looks like mini universities); it was everything we thought it would be and more.

We came back to CA almost disappointed at how different the areas were from each other. But, we knew Texas would be the right spot for us to lay down roots and have our family grow and develop. The decision wasn’t an easy one by any means. All the Mister and I have ever known was California living. We grew up here, our family still lives here, and the areas are familiar and feel like home. Before we put in his initial application for the new job we thought long and hard about what it would be to leave… We wouldn’t be able to celebrate every holiday with family or have every family member come over for the kids birthdays or even have weekend barbecues with friends. We would have to make new friends and build a new community where ever we would go.

Change… It’s hard. No one ever thinks that oh this HUGE change in my life is going to be SO easy. Just like a diet or new work out, it takes time to adjust. There may even be a “shock” moment. Most things that are difficult are generally worth it in the long run. We can still visit our family and friends, we can still FaceTime (God Bless technology), we can send mail/packages for birthdays and holidays. We will miss seeing everyone, but we will be gaining a new life for us, our kids, our family. Great schools, family neighborhoods, large-beautiful-new home, excellent economy, friendly people, etc. is too good to pass up on.

God always helps those who help themselves. He gave us a beautiful opportunity. Who are we to pass up something because of fear? We have to have faith that it will work out and through our hard work we will create a beautiful life that we can be proud of. 

So, Texas… Here we come!