Third Time’s The Charm?

Have you ever gone grocery shopping with three young children? My kids range from ages one to four. Going grocery shopping is like a triathlon. You prep for getting through the store, check out, and then getting the items you purchased put away in your home. Getting through the store is always fun when you have two boys wrestling with each other in the cart. I had a few couples actually approach me and ask if it was “ok” for one to have his torso hanging out of the cart. Yes, I am “that” mom. I am the one who tries desperately to confine my three children to one cart so I don’t have to run through the isles after them before they drop the jar of pickles they picked up because they thought it was “so cool”. I am also the mom that will stop in the middle of the isle to scold them under my breath so they stop messing with their sister’s face/hair.

I apologize to everyone I encounter in the grocery store… no, any store I go into with all three kids. I don’t mean to have a wild bunch of banshees causing chaos and noise that you would only hear in a horror film. I honestly want to just get through the trip with all the items I need and no one getting hurt. I know it’s a long shot, but I have an 87% success rate to date… ok… 76% success rate. I generally get everyone out safely, but I always forget something I need because someone was having a meltdown over the brand of ranch I decided to buy (I am a mother and a bargain shopper, what can I say).

After completely filling my cart I can only hope that I don’t have a long line to wait in. Every mom, doesn’t matter who you are, prays  for three things when they go grocery shopping: no one gets hurt (kids, other unsuspecting store customers, and store staff included), all the kids foods are in stock (I can’t leave the store without the freakin’ Fruit Loop cereal they love) and incredibly short or non-existent check out lines. My kids are like an octopus when we get to the check out line. Everything that was once on the shelves are now in my cart. They also like to criticize other people and/or their purchases. I have not had one trip through the check out line without my oldest son very loudly saying, “Why does that lady/man look like that?” or “Mama, that <points out item on the conveyor belt> looks weird“. Plus, it’s also the only time and place where all my kids want to help me at the same time. I have a three-headed-octopus handing me about six different things at the same time. They want to fight over who hands me what and then they want to negotiate about what things they can open in the car. I just want to pay for the food, guys! Let’s negotiate later. And the credit card machine is a child magnet. It’s like it draws them in and whispers, “Play with me“.

Finally, I got the kids home and all I have to do is get the sh*t, I mean food, in the house. Right now, we live in an apartment. I have to take multiple trips to get everything up the stairs and into our apartment from the parking lot. My first trip is me trying to weight lift 150lbs. I try to grab every single bag so I can hopefully get everything in just the one trip. Every time I try, every time I fail. It’s kinda ridiculous that I even try, but I don’t like to assume defeat. And after I unload the first round of groceries, my kids grow their lovely octopus tentacles again. By the time I return with each subsequent load they have now spread out my groceries all over the apartment. I wish I had enough counter space to put the groceries on there, but my kitchen is a glorified janitor’s closet. Even if I put them up, they would find a way… they always find a way.

Do you dread grocery shopping like I do? How do you navigate a grocery store with your kids? I know I can’t be the only one who has a hard time. There should be a “biker” MC (Moms Club – I know I have watched too much Sons of Anarchy, get over it) and we wear our patches while grocery shopping with our kids. HAHAHAH! Every time we pass one another in the isles we could fist bump or throw up some kind or MC gang sign.

Well, that was yesterday’s morning triathlon. I forgot a bunch of stuff, but we all made it, so I can’t be too disappointed. After our trip to the store we had a quick trip to see Ben on his lunch. I savor those lunch breaks we get to see him because sometimes it’s just the adult time I need to get through the rest of the day. I get to catch up with him on his day and he gets to let me unload on him about my day. I know it’s something we can do over the phone, but when I drive to see him the kids pass out on the way there, so I get to have some peace and quiet too.

Over all it was a great day. I was all about good yummy foods and testing out some new recipes. I found this gem (Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding), but of course, I overlooked something. I remembered to use dates. I remembered to leave out the vanilla. I even made sure the chia seeds were safe. I never thought to check the stinkin’ pumpkin pie spice. Since they have sulfates, they are not Whole30 approved (I confirmed with the cheat sheet). Grrrrr!!! I was not very pleased with myself, but my recipe was delicious. If only I could eat it. If only…

So, here I am today. What should have been day 3 for me… but back at day 1 again. It’s very frustrating that I am not any closer to day 30, but I guess that’s ok. I knew that I wanted to make this more of a permanent situation, but I would really like to feel like progress is being had. Some things I have noticed. I slept way better the past two nights. I didn’t wake for anything and I didn’t have a hard time going to sleep. I knew without the caffeine, that would happen, but I also didn’t have any dreams. Lately I have been having those weird dreams that you wake up and say “WTF?!?!?!” But, for the past two days it has been a very sound sleep. I have been noticing that I have seen a spike in my mental health. I don’t feel grumpy all the time. I tend to be more patient with the kids. I am a lot less agitated. It could be from the good sleep, the good food, or it could be from the break I am taking from Facebook. Maybe it’s a culmination of everything.

There are also a few not so fun things that I have noticed. Today I have had a headache pretty much all day. Not a severe headache, but a headache that lingers. When I get hungry, I get “hangry”. I am not just hungry, but I am angry that I am not eating in that moment. I took it out on Ben pretty bad yesterday when I waited for him to eat dinner. I was about ready to gnaw on his jacket when he got home and he wanted to take his sweet time getting to the table. By the time he sat down I ate everything on my plate, but half of my chicken. Normalcy set in shortly after I got food in my belly. Other than that I feel like I have been doing pretty well.

I still have 29 more days to go, but I am pretty confident that I will make it through today without a hitch. Now, to just make sure that I make it the straight 30 days and not have to start over mid-way through. Well, third time’s the charm, right?

How does food make you feel? Have you ever had a “hangry” moment? How did you handle it? Well, here <raising a bottle of water> is to another day, and my first complete day doing Whole30.


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