Whole30 Week 1: COMPLETE

After seven days of Whole30, I figured I would update you on progress. The Whole30 likes you to think more about how you feel than what the numbers on the scale will tell you, so I am going to continue to avoid the scale and go with my gut… literally.

In the past seven days I have been eating at home, cooking, focusing on veggies and fruit, getting in some protein, and not eating the processed junk. As a whole I feel really good. I definitely don’t feel as sluggish and negative as I felt before I started. When I started this I was probably at rock bottom with my attitude and my eating. I feel almost “refreshed” after a week of this. I know I have another three and a half weeks to go, but it’s nice to start feeling this good already. I haven’t even hit the “Tiger Blood” stage (there is a time line on the Whole30 website that describes the “Tiger Blood” phase). I feel like this feeling makes the rest of the process even more promising.

I have noticed a few physical things in the first week too. After about 2-3 days I felt way less bloated and gassy. Not a bad thing at all especially when you come from a traditionally gassy family. I normally blame genetics, but in reality it was what I was eating. I never thought about it. I thought that’s just what it was. Then the added bloating. I have gone from drinking soda/teas to drinking straight water before and that decreases bloat by a lot, but this takes it to a whole different level. In the one week that I have been doing this, I don’t look swollen or puffy like I used to. Even in my abdomen and thighs I have seen a noticeable change. It’s like I woke up and looked in the mirror only to say, “Why, hello hour shape! I haven’t seen you in a long while.” Since I removed the excess crap food from my diet the build up of stuff in my body is finally able to properly clean/flush out and my poor, overworked body. Now I am allowing my body and organs to get back to doing what it’s supposed to be doing. I even had my blood pressure taken at the dentist the other day and it was 106/60. I was very happy with that.

Other things that I have noticed. As much as I know I can’t eat pizza, pasta, fried chicken, or other things like that and that does feel restrictive, I have noticed that I am not having as many cravings and I am not snacking as much because I am comfortable. I am not over stuffed with food, but I am comfortable. Before Whole30, after I would eat a full meal I would feel incredibly hungry again about two hours later. It was almost like I was never full. I know it’s totally “fat girl” thinking, but it was how I felt. Now, I can have a good solid meal (which, I still don’t feel stuffed after, but comfortable) and I don’t feel the urge to snack or eat. If I do need to snack it’s one or two small things (i.e. fruit and nuts, veggies and guac, etc.) and then I am satisfied until the next meal. Eating those foods you can’t really over stuff yourself because your body has a way of saying, “Steph, you’re good… don’t keep going… you’re really good right now.”

The other thing I looked forward to after reading about the Whole30 was the sleep benefits. I can sleep through the night. I still do have the occasional weird dream. Last week I had two or three, but nothing that made me toss and turn or random wake ups. The only thing that has been waking me up now is little Miss Parker and when nature calls. Aside from those wake ups, I have been sleeping soundly and I feel more rested when I wake up. I am not nearly as groggy and fuzzy when I wake up. I feel like it would be nice to sleep in a little later than 6:30a but, I am able to get up, function, and not feel like a train (or three kids) ran me over first thing in the morning.

So far the majority of what Whole30 promises has delivered. I am very impressed with it and I am looking forward to week two. I think it will be interesting to see what happens from here on out. I know things will only get more and more challenging, but I know that if I can do it now, I can make this happen long term.

How are you holding up? Are you noticing any changes in your life since you have started what ever program you are working on?


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