So… About Last Night…

You went out with the gang and had to start 2017 with a f*cking bang. We all know you did it because 2016 sucked so hard you practically lost your nipples to it, so you had to wash it away with tequila and sweat. You were probably drinking and dancing. Well, more like severely inebriated and falling all over the place. You laughed, you had to cheers all the bar patrons, you danced like only a stripper would, and you woke up with the worst hangover since college. Me… I did something a little different.

I went grocery shopping at 6p and picked up Chipotle for dinner. I had some organic sparkling cider and water. I helped wrangle three kids into bed. I tippy-toed around two sleeping chihuahuas so I could make it to the bathroom. I watched “Good Fellas” and I didn’t even finish it before climbing in bed at 10p CT. I didn’t even make it to ET New Years. I didn’t watch the ball drop or pour myself into bed at 2a. I didn’t stay up to watch fireworks or Mariah Carey poorly lip-sync.

I was too exhausted by 2016 to watch it end. 2016 was one heck of a year. I wasn’t about to see it go down. I just wanted to wake up to a new year filled with hope and excitement. 2016 brought a lot of changes for my family; not bad changes, just unavoidable changes. We went from living in our house in California to selling our first home, packing up and moving our whole family to Texas and watching them build our new home. There was a lot of life happening in between all that, but none the less the life we had in the beginning of 2016 is definitely not the life we have at the end of 2016. I guess it made for some refreshing thoughts about 2017. As much as we will start in one place, we may end in a whole new spot. It could be a new place mentally, physically, or emotionally. A new year can bring so much hope and excitement. I guess you just have to see what opportunities are handed to you.

I am hoping to find some work somewhere in the near future. Just a fun part-time job to offer our family a little more financial freedom when the house gets here. I am planning to make more of a life here with my family. Make more friends in new places. I am excited to get Peyton in pre-school and hopefully Preston will follow before the end of the year. I am looking forward to decorating our home and making it our own. I am excited to see the many opportunities God will send our way with my husband’s career. There is so much to look forward to, and I am excited to experience it all (good and bad) with my little family. I know it will make 2017 just as monumental as the years before it.

I made it through Christmas and New Years on Whole30 and I am more than proud of myself. I even made it through two date nights out and everything was Whole30 compliant.I have been thinking more and more that this will become the new norm. I haven’t been buying the same crap snacks for the kids. Our shelves are stocked with a ton of fruit and veggies and barely any canned or boxed goods. My food cravings are minimal, but I still occasionally see a Starbucks and miss the idea of a frappuccino. It’s more the idea that I miss more than anything. I know the minute I were ever to get one, it wouldn’t taste as good as I remembered it. I think that is the same thing for certain sugar filled items. A lot of times I wonder if the one date night or family night out where I would not eat Whole30, if it would be as validating as I think… My head says, “sure will be, it will taste so good, you won’t know why you left it.” My stomach says something more along the lines of, “you probably think it will taste incredible, but in reality it will give you terrible gas and diarrhea for days.” I know that things will be a little more laid back when the 30 days is up, but I think for 95% of the time I will stay Whole30 compliant. I am on day 26.

Lately, I have been kinda lazy with food. I think part of it is because I have been struggling to stay completely focused, and another part of me feels a little bored. I may have to test out some new recipes here soon so keep an eye open for that. How are things going with your new year? Are you looking forward to 2017? What kinds of things are you hoping for in your future?


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