Have you ever had that feeling where something just felt off. The feeling like life is out of alignment and things are not exactly what they are supposed to be. I am in that state right now. Something is just not quite fitting right and I can’t pinpoint the cause of it. I thought it was because we were all sick, but we are pretty much over that already and now it’s time that I am re-evaluating that feeling of being “off”. Peyton has been battling a fever and now has some swollen glands, he also has this weird coloring sometimes. I can’t tell if its because he’s not eating enough, or if he isn’t eating because something else is bothering him. I am taking him in tomorrow to see the pediatrician if things aren’t better. Part of me believes that my kids not being 100% can be why something doesn’t feel right, but the other part of me wonders if it’s more.

My body has been acting weird. I can’t see exactly why. I haven’t changed my eating. I am still actively Whole30, but I haven’t been feeling the “Tiger Blood” phase anymore. I am bloated again. My lower back is killing me. I have been just feeling completely lost in my own body. Maybe my hormones are going nuts. I have been kinda moody lately too. My patience is dwindling and I am very quick to panic with the kids. I don’t know, I am just freaking out a little. Something just feels completely off.

I am going to get checked out to make sure physically everything is ok, but I need to reexamine everything else mentally. Have you ever had those off days? What was throwing you “off”?