The “G” Family

Me: Stephanie

Hello, I am Momma G, but mostly go by the name Stephanie. I am happily married to Hubby (almost to our 4 year mark… WOAH time really does fly when you are having fun). We have three kiddos, my baby P’s. Yes, they all have names that start with P, and we didn’t even think how easy it would be to mix up the names until it was already done… now we can’t change it, so sometime we just call them “Hey you!” You will probably read about them here and there, but they will lovingly be referred to as P1 (Bubba), P2 (Squishy), and P3 (Peanut). Every day they remind me that they are by far the biggest challenges in my life, but also the greatest accomplishments. I pull out my hair daily attempting to juggle these kiddos, a house hold, and taking care of Mr. G.

first pic

We didn’t realize it, but when we first met back in February 2007 we took this picture before going out on our date and sure enough years later we are married with babies. We enjoyed a lovely wedding.


We celebrated the exciting union as most do, with family, friends, food, and way too much alcohol. It was a great time though. After that a quick couple months later P1 made his arrival. Then a short 6 months into his beautiful life we found out that P2 was going to be making an appearance shortly. They love each other and as soon as P3 popped out they were lovin’ on her too.

All Three Kiddos

I am in a house full of testosterone and just a dash of estrogen (and sass). That plus the combination of a whimsical and witty momma makes for a wild ride. My family is the regular run of the mill family: hard-working hubby, rambunctious kiddos, and exhausted momma. The thing is… I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I might whine (or wine, you can make your assumptions about that one when the time comes, and it may occur more frequent than you would imagine) and even bitch sometimes, but I love my family and my role in it.

Me: The PPD Survivor

This blog has slowly changed its focus from being all about “mommy & wife life” to something a little more culinary, health, and fitness related. After P2 was born I had a bout of Postpartum Depression (PPD). After a lot of crying and sulking and talks with the hubby I forced myself to figure out somethings that I wanted to do just for me. JUST ME! Can you imagine that? A mom thinking about herself? Well, I am here to tell you it saved me. Finding time for me, and trying things out just for myself changed me. It made me a better Mom, it allows me to be a better wife, and it makes me feel better about myself.

What things did I try out for myself, you ask? Well I started with hygiene. I wanted to shower. When I was going through PPD, I found a lack of interest in just doing the regular things… bushing your teeth, showering, wearing clean clothes. That change happened pretty quickly. (I am sure everyone is thinking, “THANK GOD!”) Then I wanted to read a book from cover to cover. I didn’t go for some crazy novel, but I did go for something fun that I thought would hold my attention; the Harry Potter series. Believe it or not I got through book two before weaning off of them. Then I wanted to try knitting. I sure tried it, but I wasn’t all that successful. I am hoping that I might be able to work that one out again some time soon. And finally… cooking! Cooking stuck instantly.

Now, after having P3 just 8 weeks ago I have been doing my thing trying to ward of the PPD nightmare. I have had the occasional flare up, but I found something that had been lacking in my life and that I had been hoping for since college… the healthy and fitness based lifestyle I had always dreamed of. I have been overweight/obese the majority of my life and I am challenging myself to change. Starting January 2016 I am beginning Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix.


Beachbody 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese

This will help me focus even MORE on fighting the PPD slump and it will change my hope into goals to reach, surpass, and beyond. I love this program simply because it still allows me to explore my love for cooking too. You will see what a healthy and fit amateur chef looks like before you know it.

Me: The Amateur Chef

People always wonder what really gets them started in a hobby. I can tell you exactly when I thought of cooking as more of a passion than a thing I just have to do every day anyways. My cooking siren went off when I watched, Julie & Julia.

Julie & Julia – The Book

As silly as it sounds the movie about Julia Child and blogger Julie Powell really struck a chord with me. I had friends that loved cooking, but I always wondered, “Oh dear god, WHY?!?!?” I finally understood after watching the movie the umteenth time. It is an adventure with every new recipe. Every new recipe is the chance to make something great. It is a form of creativity and inventiveness. I love that in a really weird way it can be relaxing and stressful all at once. Then the final product… that is the real surprise. Plus, the reaction from the foodies you share it with. Whether it is a “yum” or a “yuck” response, you get to try new things and venture out of your normal realm of food possibilities. It is just lovely.

Me: My Inspiration

I have found the most useful resource for my recipe finds too! Pinterest! This site is fabulous and you can find my Pinterest board here. You and your local chef mates can exchange recipes or meal ideas. It is quite the tool. Plus, it has introduced me to a number of amazing cooking blogs. You never realize how much you don’t really understand about cooking until you start reading these blogs. There is so much to learn and tons of different techniques to try that you will never get bored of cooking. Which lead me to my club. I needed a great outlet for my cooking and recipe creativity, so I had to find others like me. Since there isn’t a “support group” for foodies and amateur chefs I created one:

Gab & Grub Cooking Club Logo

This club consists of women who love to cook and exchange recipes. We try new things. We experiment. We gently guide each other through the wonderful world of cooking. It is liberating and completely wonderful. These women exchange more than just recipes, they exchange experiences and wisdom. They share their confidences and weaknesses. They are there for support far beyond cooking and food.

In addition to that, after P3 was born I knew my body and life was ready for a change. I was looking for something that would be the combo of health and fitness, because you know you can’t get one without the other. I had  done Weight Watchers with success before, but always had trouble finding the proper workouts to properly succeed, so Hubby suggested that I take a look at something a little different. He had a co-worker who had lost 100lbs doing the 21 Day Fix program. He said they use the combo of portion control and a workout regimen. That immediately sparked my interest. I can workout, lose weight, AND still cook?!?! I am in!

Now armed with Pinterest recipes and my 21 Day fix books & DVDs my journey begins. This is just the beginning. I welcome you to walk with me through the trials and tribulations of my amateur status kitchen, weigh-in’s, body measurements and the festivities beyond that.


***Send provisions if you don’t hear from me in over a week.***


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