True OR False: Christmas Love

[I have my place decorated for the holidays.]

FALSE. We have our cute little tree up, but unfortunately with our little fingers and mouths running around I don’t want to have too much around that they can swallow or get into. It makes for a very simple Christmas, but still… it is our first Christmas in Texas, so it is still very significant. What makes it an even bigger deal is this will be the first Christmas in my 29 years of life that I have ever been away from my family. It hasn’t quite hit me yet, but I know it will hit me hard soon. I will likely be FaceTiming my family all throughout Christmas day.

[I love the Christmas music.]

Who doesn’t love Christmas music? I mean this one should be pretty easy. TRUE… I love Christmas music. It makes me reminisce about my family and all of the beautiful tradition during this time of the year. My family’s constant for Christmas was the Nat King Cole cd. We would play it all throughout the holiday season. Some days we would make tea, hot cocoa, or hot apple cider and sit in my Mom’s “special room” and listen to Nat King Cole while admiring our tree. Oh the memories…

And just for the record, Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song” was always my favorite.

[The family and the food are my favorite part of Christmas.]

I do love family and holiday food. That is one of the most fun part of Christmas, but… FALSE. My favorite part of Christmas is the tree. There was a time when my family would go spend the day finding and cutting down our own tree. We would pick it out, my dad and brothers would cut it down and then we would be on our way home to  decorate it and the house. I would have liked to do that with my family, but I know right now is just not good timing for that. The kids are small and likely to get lost in a tree farm. It would turn into a mother’s worst nightmare pretty quickly. But, when I was a teenager I would come home from school and set myself up on my favorite recliner (which, thank goodness my parents handed down to me) and do my homework in front of the twinkling tree. I would play our family’s regular Nat King Cole Christmas CD and be in nirvana. It was and still is my happy place. I know after the kids are asleep tonight I will come into the living room and sit with the lights off to admire the glow of my tree with Christmas music playing softly in the background. My tree is my happy place.

I do have to admit though… fresh tress win over any fake tree. It doesn’t matter how life-like or how easy it is to use, fresh trees are always better. The smell alone is worth the trip for me. This year we went with a small fake tree cause little miss is all about putting things in her mouth and I don’t want her eating any of the pine needles.

[We will be opening presents with the kids on Christmas Eve.]

This is FALSE. I will always have us open gifts on Christmas Day simply because it will be in the morning and my mommy self doesn’t want tired, cranky children trying to stay up with their new toys Christmas Eve. I want them to be able to have a full nights rest and ready to play all day with the new toys. No staying up late for my kiddos. They get far too crabby and by about 8pm what is left of my patience vanishes into thin air.

[My all time favorite Christmas movie is “A Christmas Story”.]

“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” That phrase and the kid with the glasses drive me absolutely bonkers. I cannot stand that movie, so this would be FALSE. I have two favorite Christmas movies. My first (and probably ranked a little higher than the other) is “Home Alone 2”. I love that movie! I still laugh at Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern when they get pulverized by a kid. I think because this was the movie I would watch with my brothers during the Christmas season, it has more sentimental value to me. My second favorite is “Love Actually”. Who can say no to the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) getting down and full on dancing in his quarters? Plus, Colin Firth is adorable learning Italian to finally talk to his house keeper. It’s just a feel good movie about love during the season of Christmas. You can’t go wrong with that movie.


Now it’s your turn! Answer “true” or “false” to the statements above and explain your answers. Have a wonderful holiday!


Whole30 Week 1: COMPLETE

After seven days of Whole30, I figured I would update you on progress. The Whole30 likes you to think more about how you feel than what the numbers on the scale will tell you, so I am going to continue to avoid the scale and go with my gut… literally.

In the past seven days I have been eating at home, cooking, focusing on veggies and fruit, getting in some protein, and not eating the processed junk. As a whole I feel really good. I definitely don’t feel as sluggish and negative as I felt before I started. When I started this I was probably at rock bottom with my attitude and my eating. I feel almost “refreshed” after a week of this. I know I have another three and a half weeks to go, but it’s nice to start feeling this good already. I haven’t even hit the “Tiger Blood” stage (there is a time line on the Whole30 website that describes the “Tiger Blood” phase). I feel like this feeling makes the rest of the process even more promising.

I have noticed a few physical things in the first week too. After about 2-3 days I felt way less bloated and gassy. Not a bad thing at all especially when you come from a traditionally gassy family. I normally blame genetics, but in reality it was what I was eating. I never thought about it. I thought that’s just what it was. Then the added bloating. I have gone from drinking soda/teas to drinking straight water before and that decreases bloat by a lot, but this takes it to a whole different level. In the one week that I have been doing this, I don’t look swollen or puffy like I used to. Even in my abdomen and thighs I have seen a noticeable change. It’s like I woke up and looked in the mirror only to say, “Why, hello hour shape! I haven’t seen you in a long while.” Since I removed the excess crap food from my diet the build up of stuff in my body is finally able to properly clean/flush out and my poor, overworked body. Now I am allowing my body and organs to get back to doing what it’s supposed to be doing. I even had my blood pressure taken at the dentist the other day and it was 106/60. I was very happy with that.

Other things that I have noticed. As much as I know I can’t eat pizza, pasta, fried chicken, or other things like that and that does feel restrictive, I have noticed that I am not having as many cravings and I am not snacking as much because I am comfortable. I am not over stuffed with food, but I am comfortable. Before Whole30, after I would eat a full meal I would feel incredibly hungry again about two hours later. It was almost like I was never full. I know it’s totally “fat girl” thinking, but it was how I felt. Now, I can have a good solid meal (which, I still don’t feel stuffed after, but comfortable) and I don’t feel the urge to snack or eat. If I do need to snack it’s one or two small things (i.e. fruit and nuts, veggies and guac, etc.) and then I am satisfied until the next meal. Eating those foods you can’t really over stuff yourself because your body has a way of saying, “Steph, you’re good… don’t keep going… you’re really good right now.”

The other thing I looked forward to after reading about the Whole30 was the sleep benefits. I can sleep through the night. I still do have the occasional weird dream. Last week I had two or three, but nothing that made me toss and turn or random wake ups. The only thing that has been waking me up now is little Miss Parker and when nature calls. Aside from those wake ups, I have been sleeping soundly and I feel more rested when I wake up. I am not nearly as groggy and fuzzy when I wake up. I feel like it would be nice to sleep in a little later than 6:30a but, I am able to get up, function, and not feel like a train (or three kids) ran me over first thing in the morning.

So far the majority of what Whole30 promises has delivered. I am very impressed with it and I am looking forward to week two. I think it will be interesting to see what happens from here on out. I know things will only get more and more challenging, but I know that if I can do it now, I can make this happen long term.

How are you holding up? Are you noticing any changes in your life since you have started what ever program you are working on?

Dirty Thoughts

Oooooooooh yeah. That sounds niiiiiice. Mmmmmmm. Oh and just a little of… ooooohhhh my GAWD. That is exactly what I was thinking while watching the unlimited food and/or dessert commercials yesterday during the football game. My weekend has been filled with “dirty thoughts”. I say “dirty thoughts” because it’s about food that is not good for me. Chocolate, peanut butter, pasta with cream sauces, ice cream, doughnuts, etc. have flooded my brain. I had one day where I would have given anything for a freaking string cheese. I kept pacing in front of my fridge as a matter of fact (we have a whole pack of them in the fridge for the kids) and I would open the door, then close the door. That move was on repeat throughout the day.

This weekend had to have been the hardest few days so far with the Whole30 program. I don’t know if it was because my husband was home or if it was because I was getting tired of the food I had been making, but I was food frustrated. I wanted everything in sight. I wanted to go get a monster sugary drink from Starbucks and Chinese food. All things sugar, dairy, soy, and grains just called to me. My husband didn’t make it much easier. He was more than willing to share his Milky Way and had to go to Chipotle for lunch.

This weekend was one that tested every ounce of will power I had. I even went to Costco! Now, if you are familiar with Costco, you know that they are widely known for their incredible samples. We used to go and make a meal out of the trip when we lived in California. It was a smorgasbord of all kinds of delicious treats. Thank GOD they had a raw nut sample because I needed just something to deter me from the other goodies that lined the isles. Then after the kids were starving so it was a slice of cheese pizza and hotdog to share (among the three kids, not me, although I think I was drooling). The thing that made it harder was that I had to cut it up for the kids. I was the one feeding it to them. I was smelling the food, touching the food, serving the food… it was torture.

The good news about all that… I MADE IT! I survived without giving in. I really almost caved yesterday, but then I made my lettuce tacos for dinner and they were tasty enough that I didn’t need to do anything else. I was worried though. When Ben called me during his lunch at work and I was on the verge of stuffing my face with my kids advent calendar candy, but he talked me down. When I had a “craving” I asked myself, “are you really truly hungry or are you just bored,” or “are you just craving it because it looks/smells good and not because you are really hungry”. On almost every occasion I wasn’t really hungry. On the occasions where I felt I was actually hungry I would eat an apple sauce or an orange or a hard boiled egg; something small, healthy, easy and on plan.

Waking up today I feel extraordinarily proud of myself for overcoming my “dirty thoughts”. Last night, I probably would have willingly jumped into a pool of chocolate pudding if someone gave me the opportunity and I do not like pudding (it’s a texture thing). Yuck! Today I was excited to test out a new recipe in the crockpot and I was able to get my meal plan updated for week two. I feel much more focused than I was yesterday and I was able to accomplish some cleaning around the house. Tomorrow I will try and get my butt out of the house.

The more time I spend inside, the easier it is for me to look to food. I know it’s because I am bored and not really hungry, so I have come to peace with asking my “questions” before going for food. I think I will be asking Ben to help a little more with the kids dinners and stuff so that I don’t have to have my “dirty thoughts” about their food become a constant issue. I have been much better about that though. Now, I am on to a new week.

How do you stay on plan when you are at a moment of weakness? Do you have a food buddy or a partner you can call or text? I have a buddy of mine that is doing something similar and I love that I can text her and ask about recipes or tips. I need a few more of those so if she isn’t available that I can check in with them too. Do you want to be my food buddy? What have been some of your “dirty thoughts” (i.e. cravings)?

***Cheers <raises cup of water> to day 6 of 30. Just 24 days more to go!***

Some Things Never Change

Back in high school someone told me something that I will never forget. I think I must have asked them something to the gist of, “Why do you like me?” or “What made you want to be friends with me?” At that age I was probably my most vulnerable. I wasn’t any of those particular things (popular, sports super star, student body president, etc.) that would automatically inspire confidence. I was the girl next door. I was the girl that all the guys felt comfortable around because they could act like themselves, fools. I was also the girl that other girls felt comfortable not acknowledging because they didn’t have much to say to me. So when I got into this conversation I didn’t know that I would remember it for as long as I have.

After I asked them that question (Why do you like me/What made you want to be friends with me) I was particularly surprised at their response. They said something like they liked my laugh and that I could find humor in almost anything; and then they said, “oh, and you can never stay mad at anyone.” That part I remember most clearly.I was puzzled. I thought the laugh/humor thing made me a bit charming, but never staying mad at someone? What? That’s a bit ambiguous, don’t you think? Does that mean I am a push-over?

After years of thinking about that phrase and mulling over all the possible meanings behind it, it took me until after college to figure out how I wanted to interpret it. I had to go through losing several people who I thought were very close friends of mine and a major life change with my significant other before I could figure it out. I can’t stay mad at people because God gave me the ability to forgive. I am one of the few people in the world who can forgive people no matter how horrible the relationship or how challenging the situation. Don’t get me wrong, I still get mad or sad/heartbroken, and I will likely cry about it. But, at the end of it all, I still choose to forgive.

In my ventures through school, employment and motherhood I have come across what you would classify as the “mean girls”. Now, I hate the phrase “mean girls” because it really applies to men too. It’s not just women who are catty, guys have a similar way about themselves, they just handle it a little differently. But, that tends to be the general name for the group of people who are just mean. They are mean just to be mean and that’s the way it is. It is deliberate and almost strategical. It makes my heart hurt just thinking about them. These people find whatever person they can pick on just to see them cry, feel bad about themselves, and/or remove them from whatever social group they are apart of. These “mean girls” found me.

They found me and my family even after we relocated from California. They are in Texas too! I am not completely naive, I knew they existed outside of California, I just didn’t think they would find me this quickly. None the less, now that I know who these “mean girls” are (which, I guess it wasn’t that hard… I have only been here for about two months) it makes me distancing myself from them that much easier. I am the kind of person who “can never stay mad” at someone, but if you burn me I do stay away. If you believe I wronged you (even though in reality, that may not be the case) I will be the first person to apologize or to try and talk to you about it.

Some people see apologizing as relinquishing power or control, being weak, or just being pathetic. I feel like it can be the exact opposite. You are acknowledging that what ever you did or said may have hurt someone. You are taking the initiative to resolve it and open the door of communication. That shows immense self control and power, it shows strength to say that you were wrong or that you didn’t mean to hurt or cause someone pain (that quite frankly is not seen very often), and it shows respect… you are saying despite our situation I still value our relationship and want to make this better. As much as I am not extremely confrontational, I certainly do not mind having an adult conversation about whatever might be bothering you or me. I am even open to maintaining the relationship and making it better for the future.

What I will never understand about these “mean girls” is the need to pull others to your “cause” and gang up on one person. The desire to publicly humiliate or verbally maim someone doesn’t serve much of a purpose outside of causing pain to the person on the receiving end. This is not a friendly trait. It doesn’t make me want to have you around. No matter how well we resolve our “mean girl” issues, you will be always be the “mean girl” to me and I will never trust you. I will forever keep away from those people. They are on a repetitive cycle and I am not interested in joining the “mean girl” mob. It’s not my thing.

Even after all these years of growth and change, I suppose that some things never change. I still love to laugh and I find humor in life. And I don’t like to stay mad at people. I find that I stress about it and the energy it takes to be angry is more than I am willing to put into it. So when I decided to apologize to and forgive my “mean girls” I do it for me. I do it so I don’t have it weigh on my mind forever. I do it so I can make my peace and move on.

Now, moving on to more delicious things. I am enjoying my Whole30 cooking. Today was my egg breakfast left overs on a bead of spinach with guac for breakfast. Lunch was a repeat of dinner last night because it was so stinking yummy. Dinner was stuffed baked potatoes and asparagus. YUMMY! I can’t even begin to say how much I am enjoying this. I had a good day of eating and I am ready for day three tomorrow. It will be a new ball game with my husband home for his weekend. I just hope he doesn’t have some random craving for crap. I have been doing so well and I want to make it to day 30. I have officially moved on to day two and tomorrow brings day three.

Well, I am off to hang out with my hubby. I hope you all have a great day. What special trait do you have that someone brought to your attention? Did you ever see it in yourself? Do you still carry that trait?

Third Time’s The Charm?

Have you ever gone grocery shopping with three young children? My kids range from ages one to four. Going grocery shopping is like a triathlon. You prep for getting through the store, check out, and then getting the items you purchased put away in your home. Getting through the store is always fun when you have two boys wrestling with each other in the cart. I had a few couples actually approach me and ask if it was “ok” for one to have his torso hanging out of the cart. Yes, I am “that” mom. I am the one who tries desperately to confine my three children to one cart so I don’t have to run through the isles after them before they drop the jar of pickles they picked up because they thought it was “so cool”. I am also the mom that will stop in the middle of the isle to scold them under my breath so they stop messing with their sister’s face/hair.

I apologize to everyone I encounter in the grocery store… no, any store I go into with all three kids. I don’t mean to have a wild bunch of banshees causing chaos and noise that you would only hear in a horror film. I honestly want to just get through the trip with all the items I need and no one getting hurt. I know it’s a long shot, but I have an 87% success rate to date… ok… 76% success rate. I generally get everyone out safely, but I always forget something I need because someone was having a meltdown over the brand of ranch I decided to buy (I am a mother and a bargain shopper, what can I say).

After completely filling my cart I can only hope that I don’t have a long line to wait in. Every mom, doesn’t matter who you are, prays  for three things when they go grocery shopping: no one gets hurt (kids, other unsuspecting store customers, and store staff included), all the kids foods are in stock (I can’t leave the store without the freakin’ Fruit Loop cereal they love) and incredibly short or non-existent check out lines. My kids are like an octopus when we get to the check out line. Everything that was once on the shelves are now in my cart. They also like to criticize other people and/or their purchases. I have not had one trip through the check out line without my oldest son very loudly saying, “Why does that lady/man look like that?” or “Mama, that <points out item on the conveyor belt> looks weird“. Plus, it’s also the only time and place where all my kids want to help me at the same time. I have a three-headed-octopus handing me about six different things at the same time. They want to fight over who hands me what and then they want to negotiate about what things they can open in the car. I just want to pay for the food, guys! Let’s negotiate later. And the credit card machine is a child magnet. It’s like it draws them in and whispers, “Play with me“.

Finally, I got the kids home and all I have to do is get the sh*t, I mean food, in the house. Right now, we live in an apartment. I have to take multiple trips to get everything up the stairs and into our apartment from the parking lot. My first trip is me trying to weight lift 150lbs. I try to grab every single bag so I can hopefully get everything in just the one trip. Every time I try, every time I fail. It’s kinda ridiculous that I even try, but I don’t like to assume defeat. And after I unload the first round of groceries, my kids grow their lovely octopus tentacles again. By the time I return with each subsequent load they have now spread out my groceries all over the apartment. I wish I had enough counter space to put the groceries on there, but my kitchen is a glorified janitor’s closet. Even if I put them up, they would find a way… they always find a way.

Do you dread grocery shopping like I do? How do you navigate a grocery store with your kids? I know I can’t be the only one who has a hard time. There should be a “biker” MC (Moms Club – I know I have watched too much Sons of Anarchy, get over it) and we wear our patches while grocery shopping with our kids. HAHAHAH! Every time we pass one another in the isles we could fist bump or throw up some kind or MC gang sign.

Well, that was yesterday’s morning triathlon. I forgot a bunch of stuff, but we all made it, so I can’t be too disappointed. After our trip to the store we had a quick trip to see Ben on his lunch. I savor those lunch breaks we get to see him because sometimes it’s just the adult time I need to get through the rest of the day. I get to catch up with him on his day and he gets to let me unload on him about my day. I know it’s something we can do over the phone, but when I drive to see him the kids pass out on the way there, so I get to have some peace and quiet too.

Over all it was a great day. I was all about good yummy foods and testing out some new recipes. I found this gem (Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding), but of course, I overlooked something. I remembered to use dates. I remembered to leave out the vanilla. I even made sure the chia seeds were safe. I never thought to check the stinkin’ pumpkin pie spice. Since they have sulfates, they are not Whole30 approved (I confirmed with the cheat sheet). Grrrrr!!! I was not very pleased with myself, but my recipe was delicious. If only I could eat it. If only…

So, here I am today. What should have been day 3 for me… but back at day 1 again. It’s very frustrating that I am not any closer to day 30, but I guess that’s ok. I knew that I wanted to make this more of a permanent situation, but I would really like to feel like progress is being had. Some things I have noticed. I slept way better the past two nights. I didn’t wake for anything and I didn’t have a hard time going to sleep. I knew without the caffeine, that would happen, but I also didn’t have any dreams. Lately I have been having those weird dreams that you wake up and say “WTF?!?!?!” But, for the past two days it has been a very sound sleep. I have been noticing that I have seen a spike in my mental health. I don’t feel grumpy all the time. I tend to be more patient with the kids. I am a lot less agitated. It could be from the good sleep, the good food, or it could be from the break I am taking from Facebook. Maybe it’s a culmination of everything.

There are also a few not so fun things that I have noticed. Today I have had a headache pretty much all day. Not a severe headache, but a headache that lingers. When I get hungry, I get “hangry”. I am not just hungry, but I am angry that I am not eating in that moment. I took it out on Ben pretty bad yesterday when I waited for him to eat dinner. I was about ready to gnaw on his jacket when he got home and he wanted to take his sweet time getting to the table. By the time he sat down I ate everything on my plate, but half of my chicken. Normalcy set in shortly after I got food in my belly. Other than that I feel like I have been doing pretty well.

I still have 29 more days to go, but I am pretty confident that I will make it through today without a hitch. Now, to just make sure that I make it the straight 30 days and not have to start over mid-way through. Well, third time’s the charm, right?

How does food make you feel? Have you ever had a “hangry” moment? How did you handle it? Well, here <raising a bottle of water> is to another day, and my first complete day doing Whole30.

Day 1 of 30: My F*cked Up Relationship with Food

This morning was all about the small boy who wanted to snuggle. He was not his normal self, but I couldn’t quite pin point what was wrong. I decided the best course of action was to sit and snuggle my boy and go with the flow. After a 45 minuted snuggle (well, he was snoozing) session and some whining and grabbing his head I knew that he had an ear infection. His Dad had guessed it before heading to work, but I needed the extra time to make sure. After that it was off to the doctor we go.

After a thorough inspection of himself and his brother (it was Peyton’s 4 year check up too) we were on our way with a prescription for some antibiotics. I decided that it would be best to get some grocery shopping done while we waited for the prescription to be filled. He was acting a little more normally, but I just figured that could have been partly due to the Tylenol I gave him earlier. After juggling three kids while grocery shopping and picking up the prescription, he was done. I was surprised he made it through lunch, but he did get a little power nap on our way home from the grocery store.

He had his full belly, meds, and blanket. I guess that’s all that my boy needs to feel better because after his nap, he was way better. It was like a different person came out of his room. It made me feel a million times better knowing that he was on the way to his normal spunky self. The reason why I even bring this up is because today was my first day on Whole30. Let me begin by saying, this is hard. It’s even harder when you have sick kids and you can’t focus worth a damn. Despite that, I kept on. I wanted to begin this change.

The whole day I thought about food. I thought about when I was going to eat next. I thought about what I was going to eat next. I thought about preparing food and snacks. All day I was faced with thoughts about food. It really made me think about my relationship with food. I associated my regular shopping and day “out” as a day that I “treat” myself to fast food. I had to turn off the radio in my car because all I heard were the fast food commercials.

My relationship with food has been pretty f*cked up for a while. I eat when I am happy (special occasions/celebrations), sad, angry, stressed, etc. I use the kids as an excuse to eat. I eat when they nap. I eat what they don’t eat. I eat EVERYTHING. I eat when I am hungry. I eat when I am not hungry. I am a hot mess with food because I love it. I know it is completely ridicules, but today and making my adjustment with food I noticed even more how truly messed up my relationship is with food.

Breakfast was on the run. I had sliced apples and pears. I had a squeeze apple sauce right before grocery shopping so I wouldn’t have any wild food purchases. Lunch was late, but I kept it to bell peppers and carrots dipped in salsa and guacamole with a side of pickles. Don’t even ask me where the pickles came from. They were a totally random addition, but so incredibly yummy. Snack was more carrots with guac. Then dinner I indulged in In N Out Burger! Don’t you worry, I kept it to a burger protein style with extra grilled onions and no sauce. I added guac to it to add a touch of deliciousness. My day ended with realizing I had a few fails. I accidentally had peppermint candy that the boys handed to me. (Another bad relationship with food, I eat things and I don’t even focus on it.)  I also had fries, which were incredible and a major fail. It was a good day.

So tomorrow will be Day 1B. I can start over tomorrow and hopefully be a little more focused. Tomorrow I hope I will also wake up to a happy baby boy who is ready to play and keep me happily distracted from food. Cheers (raising a bottle of water of course) to a better tomorrow my friends.

How did your week start? Has the winter bug caught you or your family yet? What does your holiday schedule look like?

Me & The Four Walls

As some of you know,  my whole family have been under the weather. We have been fighting “The Gunk” for a while now and I have been cooped up here in my crappity-ass apartment. Let me just say that being stuck inside for too long isn’t healthy for anyone, but especially me. I get irritable. I get emotional. I get bored. It’s not fun to be that kind of me.

With that being said, I am going to let you in on a little secret… I am taking myself off Facebook. I doubt it will be permanent, but I need a break. With me being stuck inside for so long, that was my only social outlet/connection, or so I thought. After taking the time to close up Facebook and open us my phone book, I was able to talk with some of the people I love the most. Being confined to four walls and social media really makes you kinda nuts. My world was revolving around my kiddos, social media updates/comments and live videos. It was not a good place to be. I feel like Ariel, “I want to be where the people are… I want to see, want to see ’em dancin’…”

Yesterday after disconnecting I went to Costco and I got to clean out our fridge and pantry for our Whole30, which begins tomorrow. I don’t think I am as prepared as I would like to be, but that’s ok. I am going to do as best as I can and go from there. I am not going to give up even though I am not as prepared as I wanted to be. That I refuse to do. I want to feel the benefits of resetting my system, so I am going to do this and kill it. If you want to know more about Whole30 or even try it yourself, check it out here. I will be updating you all on how it’s going here on my blog. It should be an overall good experience though. I know I need it desperately.

I am going to be working on blogging about my Whole30 stuff, walking adventures with the kids, and life in Texas. Things will be changing around here a lot so you will get to see more of me here instead of on Facebook. I hope that’s an even trade for you all. If it’s not, you can always text me or call me or email me. I will still be on Instagram and Twitter, so you may still find me there. I look forward to more writing.